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I have not written a post in quite a while, due in part to time constraints, and due also in part to a growing conviction. I’m increasingly convicted that my proper work ought to be as a Churchman–teaching, preaching, discipling, and administrating in the courts of the Church. The use of a blog to be of benefit to some generic “crowd” has become more and more unsettling to me. I’m not sure of the actual, tangible benefit of putting up quotes from authors, arguing nuanced theological opinions, or even addressing contemporary events. Shouldn’t Christians be pastored by their own pastors?

In addition to this, I’m increasingly convicted that though some people might be knowledgable enough, wise enough, and restrained enough to be really great social-media-blog-Christian-gurus, it is probably unhelpful for me to spout my opinions as a young minister. I need time to establish my own thoughts in private, grow in public teaching in the local Church, and then perhaps have a public face on the internet. As William Plumer argued,

“Even if we reach the truth, but in a rash manner, it can hardly be as a pillar of beautiful proportions in our thoughts”.

What I want are pillars of beautiful proportions in my thoughts, established before writing or speaking. I know this is backwards from today’s youth-culture, which gives democratic ability for youth to teach jaded/sarcastic/occasionally pithy views on Youtube and Instagram. But it seems to be a kind of system of mush. Mush teaching is being done online, and mush is being absorbed online, and mush is then becoming part of daily interactions outside of the web. I don’t want to add to the mush. I don’t want to add unestablished opinion to the noise. Because of this, there might be some radio silence for this blog for a while. But if I do have what I consider to be an important and substantial thought I’ll be sure to add it.

Soli Deo Gloria

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