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Current Theology Thoughts: Pt. 3, Incomprehensibility

Defining Incomprehensibility

Incomprehensibility is that theological concept that, negatively, means what cannot be known of God, and, positively, means that only particulars can be known of God without fully circumscribing the entirety of Him. I don’t want to commit an etymological fallacy, by any means, but I’ll just mention that the Latin form had connotations of being able to contain something, and also had a sense of meaning being able to conceive of something mentally.1 Full disclosure of my ‘horizon’ here–I’m coming from a Reformed Scholastic, Protestant background, but I dialogue with other traditions within the faith, as well as with philosophical schools within Islam and Judaism. I’m currently not settled on any particular position regarding incomprehensibility, however that is the background from which I work.

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